14 May 2008

The end of the Democratic primary season, at last

That title may seem a bit provocative and overreaching to some, until you read this news story. That's right, John Edwards plans to make it official this evening that he is endorsing Barack Obama for the nomination. The timing of this endorsement is clearly set to take the last bit of wind out of Clinton's sails, coming as it does on the heels of Clinton's blowout win in West Virginia yesterday where she ran up huge margins with white working class voters. Apparently the champion of white working class Democrats (had you heard that Edwards' father was a mill worker?) does not find these primary electoral results troubling enough to deter him from getting on board the Obama Express. Surely this is one of the final nails in the Clinton campaign coffin. Now it's time to start getting the Democratic Party back together in order to regain the momentum for the general election, especially at a time when the GOP is losing House seats in the reddest of red areas. Perhaps there is yet still time for the Democrats to avoid blowing the election in November...

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