01 May 2008

And now for something completely different...

Allow me to take a moment out of my Christian/United Methodist theological reflections to wish all my pagan/Wiccan friends a blessed Beltane

(And yes, I mostly put that in there just in case there are any conservative Christian types - IRD, anyone? - reading my blog, so as to thoroughly piss them off if I hadn't done so already...)

Did you know that in days gone by in Ireland, people would decorate the "May Bush" with colored eggshells? 

In all seriousness though, do take some time today to commune with nature, celebrate the coming of warmer weather, and know that even though it may seem like the old dark ways are winning, these are just the last gasps of a dying age, and we are at the dawning of something new. Birth is a painful process, and in order to birth a new era, we must all work as faithful doulas. 

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Jedi Pastor Ken said...

And a happy May Day to you too! Thanks for updating me about your posts on GC. BTW, are you going to AC?