29 October 2008

Election recommendations (Georgia)

Since I have received a few calls/texts/emails already asking my opinion on some of the candidates and questions on the ballot, I figured it might be helpful to list a few of my recommendations (I hesitate to call them "endorsements", since that implies someone in some position of authority might actually care what I think!). I welcome feedback, questions, follow-up comments, etc. 

I'm not going to list each and every race, because so many of them are district-specific and outside of my scope of knowledge, and others are ones where I don't have a strong opinion. Here goes:

President/VP: Obama/Biden
U.S. Senate: Jim Martin
State Court of Appeals: Christopher McFadden (although there are some other good candidates here too, like Edenfield and Meyer von Bremen)
Public Service Commission: Jim Powell

State Senate District 42: David Adelman

DeKalb County offices:
Superior Court: Tom Stubbs
Superior Court: Johnny Mason (note - there are two different judge races here)
School Board, District 2: Marshall Orson
School Board, District 9: Ernest Brown (although I know less about this race)

State Constitutional Amendments:
#1 - No, although I certainly understand why some would vote yes (and the Sierra Club has endorsed this one). Basically, it would give tax breaks to owners of large tracts of forest land who keep their land as forests for 15 years (owners of tracts under 200 acres already get this tax break). 
#2 - Yes. This allows for the funding of TADs (Tax Allocation Districts), such as funding the Beltline, by using money from school districts if they so choose.
#3 - No. This would give private developers the ability to raise bond money to pay for the development of "private cities".

DeKalb County Referenda:
Yes for CEO presiding over meetings with the Commission setting its own agenda
Yes for various homestead exemptions
Undecided for school uniforms (mostly I just think it's dumb that we vote on a nonbinding referendum on this topic - isn't this what we elect school board members to decide?)

Again, feedback, comments, and questions are welcomed. And whether or not you agree with me, you should go vote!

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