19 August 2008

Oh, why not – VP predictions

Chances are, by the time you read this Barack Obama will have announced his Vice Presidential selection. Nevertheless, I figured I’d join the cacophony of online voices making predictions about whom he will choose, so here are my various levels of prediction:

Most likely: Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE). Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, solid resume (now that it’s honest), adds experience and gravitas to the ticker, and would make a great attack dog in the VP debate.

Most boringly objectionable: Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN). Is in his current office because his father preceded him there, and has done little to distinguish himself in two terms in the Senate. Also was a solid supporter of the Iraq war, and his ability to deliver Indiana in the electoral map is perhaps overrated. This, to me, would be a rather disappointing choice.

Most likely surprise: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY). Picking his bitter rival (and the second most popular candidate in the Democratic Party) would be a bold move, one that might backfire depending on the level of animosity toward the Clintons that remains in the nation, and also depending on how the Big Dog reacts during the campaign. However, she would bring another constituency to the ticket and would rally the part of the Democratic base that Obama currently doesn’t have in his pocket.

Less likely/most satisfying surprise: General Colin Powell. It’s been rumored that Powell will endorse Obama at some point before or during the convention. What better way to endorse him than by agreeing to be his running mate? This would be a devastating ticket, and would clearly answer any concerns about national security prowess on the ticket.

So that’s my $0.02 on the topic. Comments welcomed to tell me just how off base I am/was.

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