26 April 2008

More shameless self-promotion

Recall the op-ed piece I referenced in my previous post, and then go check out my response via a letter to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (scroll down a bit to get to mine). Basically, I thought that Merritt was somewhat dismissive in his treatment of the "social issues" such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, human rights and peace with justice. He was shocked that self-identified Christians might deign to vote for the non-conservative-identified candidate, and figured that if only the Democrats could come around on abortion and gay marriage, they might attract a large bloc of Christian voters. I could go on a bit about these issues, but I have covered them in the past, and besides, I have another rant I need to compose and post forthwith.

By the way, despite all of my previously published letters in the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, et al., this is actually the first letter that my hometown newspaper has accepted for publication. Perhaps it's because I signed this one as the Lay Leader of my church? Who knows...just glad I finally broke through...

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