20 February 2008

Apologies for my absence

Alas, I have been away from writing for too long, but work, that “real” work that allows me to pay the mortgage and other bills, has been too busy the past few weeks. However, I should be facing a welcome lull for a bit, so I promise to get back to you, dear readers, with the various thoughts I’ve put off blogging about for these past weeks.

Here are a couple of quick notes, first political, then spiritual (or at least quasi-spiritual):

Clinton was within a few points of Obama in the most recent Wisconsin polls, yet Obama won the state by 17 points. That’s an enormous butt-kicking (and no, I’m not implying anything about the size of Hillary’s posterior), and it also shows the continued predilection of the pollsters to be utterly confounded this year. Next up, March 4 featuring Texas and Ohio. The polls (for what they’re worth) are already showing Obama inching close to Clinton in Texas, and the system there seems to favor him, as 2/3 of the delegates are chosen in a day-long primary, while the other 1/3 are chosen in evening caucuses. Yes, as a Democrat in Texas you really can vote early and vote often.

Apparently while I wasn’t looking, some of my prior commentary found its way into the letters section of the Wall Street Journal. Check out this missive to see my name in print, and thanks to my spouse’s Aunt Nancy and her husband Rex for bringing this to my attention (yes, I really wasn’t aware I got in).

One of my spouse’s mentors/gurus said recently that she believes we’re on the cusp of entering a new era, that the vibrational energies of the universe are all a-twitter in anticipation of some significant breakthrough. Yes, said mentor/guru is into what we like to call that “woo-woo” spirituality, but she’s not completely wacky and is usually quite prescient. More on that idea later.

I’ve taken up vegetarianism for my Lenten discipline this year, and let me tell you, it can make eating out bloody well impossible. I’ve only had to completely transgress once so far (not that I complained much about the she-crab soup and the seared ahi tuna), but I’ve been surprised to realize just how meat-centric even the less traditional restaurants can be. Oh, and don’t worry, you can serve me whatever you want if you invite me over for dinner – that’s one of my caveat rules: Graciously eat whatever your host puts before you.

More anon, especially on the idea of the universe’s vibrational energies shifting.

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