16 November 2007

Rain of God, part deux

So Wednesday night it rained in the Atlanta area. You may recall that Governor Sonny Perdue gathered a group of dignitaries on the Capitol lawn to pray for rain the day before, in an effort to relieve the severe drought conditions. That’s right, God answered Sonny’s prayers…with a third of an inch of rain. Not exactly enough to cure the drought, but it was enough to have Sonny proclaim the next day that God had answered the prayers of the faithful.

IMHO, if this is your god’s answer to a prayer to relieve a drought, it sounds to me like you need a more potent divine being. As an acquaintance said to me last night (wish I could take credit for this line myself), “It’s like God hit the snooze button”. In other words, it’s as if God said, “Oh right, there are those humans in Georgia wanting me to cure the drought. Let me just give them a few drops, hit the snooze button and roll over. After all, I’m pretty tired from trying to combat hunger, war, poverty, disease, and climate change.”

Are you listening, Sonny? Get yourself a better rain deity, because obviously your current one doesn’t quite have the meteorological pull you were hoping for…

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