04 September 2007

And you thought flying coach was bad…

The state airline of Nepal, Nepal Airlines Corporation, had been having recurrent problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft (NAC flies the 757-200M); reports indicated that the de-icing device was repeatedly malfunctioning. The airline’s engineers were stumped, until the chief engineer, one PBS Kansakar, found inspiration in a dream. He discussed his proposed solution with top management, who agreed and implemented his plan last Sunday. The airplane is flying once again, and the passengers of Nepal Airlines can rest assured in the high-tech solution of Mr. Kansakar.

What was the source of the problem that the NAC’s chief engineer resolved? Was it an electrical short, tangled tubing, or some other devilish dilemma? No, apparently, the gods must have been angry. Lord Bhairavnath, or Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, was for some reason not pleased. Thus, the corporation decided to offer a traditional sacrifice of two goats, one black and one white, to appease the sky god. An airline official later stated, “The snag in the plane has now been fixed and the aircraft has resumed its flights.” Now the passengers of Nepal Airlines can rest assured that their high-tech Boeing 757 is once again airworthy, because of the offering of a blood sacrifice to the Hindu sky god.

Most educated Westerners will find this story to be supremely silly, and perhaps a bit tragic as well – although one hopes NAC at least held a tasty goat barbecue for its employees after the ceremony. Because after all, we Westerners are far too sophisticated to believe in the existence of a deity that demands a blood sacrifice in order to be appeased and to grant safe passage into the sky for his adherents.

Aren’t we?

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