30 August 2007

He's not gay...

My spouse, who wishes to remain blogosphere-anonymous at this point, came up with a fine rejoinder to Senator Craig's protestation "I am not gay" (see previous post for more details).

Simply put, he does have a wife and several children and grandchildren. We believe what he's telling us. He's not gay...he's bisexual! This is clearly a heartfelt plea from a conservative Republican Senator for greater understanding of the peculiar plight of bisexual persons in our society! I'm sure that any day now Senator Craig will introduce a bill in the Senate calling for anti-discrimination protections for bisexuals; maybe he'll even go so far as to includes gays and lesbians in that legislation.

Of course I'm saying all this tongue-in-cheek...and I am reminded of my friend Kevin Isom's hysterical book, Tongue in Cheek (and Other Places): A Seriously Humorous Look at Queer Life. You can click on his name to go to his website (not sure of the frequency of updates there) to read reviews and buy one or more of his fine books.

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