14 December 2005

Housekeeping, logistics, etc.

First, a big thanks to all of you who have logged on and checked out these first couple of musings. I also appreciate the feedback I've received, and hope that you'll keep coming back on a regular basis. Toward those ends, I've made a couple of refinements that I hope will make your blog-reading a more enjoyable experience:
  • You should now be able to publish comments about any of my posts by clicking on the Comments button below that particular post. (There had been some difficulty with "non-members" of this site posting comments; hopefully I've resolved that.) Comments are still moderated by me - i.e., I have to approve them before they go up on the site. That's not to limit anyone's free speech; rather, it's to keep out the nutcases who go around to any site they can find and post completely unrelated comments (usually commercial solicitations). I don't need to read any more solicitations about the hot penny stock tip of the day from a former Nigerian government minister that will enhance various body parts for my partner's extreme pleasure, and I'm sure you don't either.
  • You should now be able to Subscribe via RSS to this blog by clicking on the link over there on the right side of this page, the one that says "Subscribe (RSS) to Dan's Musings". Creative link title, no? I chose RSS because it's what I'm familiar with; however, if I hear from you readers that you prefer Atom subscriptions, I'll add that as well. For those of you who haven't a bloody clue what I'm talking about, these are feeds that send you messages automatically when a particular website is updated. That way you don't have to browse on over here every day or two wondering, "Gee, has Dan said anything else I care to read about?" It also saves you from browsing over here hoping to find some new musings, only to be disappointed when you see that I still haven't posted anything new.
You'll note that for both of these new options, I've used the disclaimer "You should be able to..." This is all new stuff for me, so bear with me (and let me know!) in case something doesn't function as intended.

And lastly, I've been asked (no, really, I have) if it's OK to tell others about this blog. Of course you can - in fact, I would encourage you to do so. That's the whole point of writing a blog - the vague hope that at some point I'll have legions of regular readers who will tune in over their morning coffee (or evening cocktails). So share the love, tell your friends and enemies about this blog, link to it from your own site (if you do, let me know so I can return the favor).

That's all for this morning. More on Saturnalia to come soon.

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