29 November 2005

Does the world need another blog?

My immediate, visceral reply to that question is "hell no!" So why then have I decided to start this one? Who knows - perhaps the world doesn't need it, but maybe I do - and after all, isn't that what the online/blog world is all about, indulging one's own (perceived) needs?

OK, so maybe that's an overly pessimistic start to something I'm hoping many people will tune into on a regular basis. Let me try again...

Yes, the world needs another blog, because mine will bring a unique perspective into matters religious/spiritual and political, often - but not always - combining the two, and usually - but not always - from what could be described as a "progressive" or "liberal" perspective.

[As an aside, I have a friend who has noted that when one posts on personals sites listing both politics and religion as strong interests, one tends to be matched up with far-right whackos. Interesting...]

What can I promise you, oh faithful (or occasional) reader, in this blog? Trenchant analysis? Enlightened insights? Wit and humor? Hopefully all of the above? Sure, that sounds good for starters. And speaking of starters, I'll be posting random autobiographical and background information very soon, so that you'll have a better idea of where the hell I'm coming from and how the hell I arrived at some of my insights, opinions, and musings.

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